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When legal problems arise, it is important that you retain an experienced and skilled lawyer to help you resolve them.

Construction projects, whether large or small, require legal advice to avoid problems both before and after commencement of construction. Levin & Atwood’s attorneys assist in all phases of construction and represent owners, contractors, developers, sub-contractors, material suppliers, engineers, architects, and pool companies in each aspect of the industry. Levin & Atwood provides a full range of services to the industry, including acquisition, sale, land use and development of commercial, industrial and residential properties, negotiation of contract forms and specifications and other contracts, fraud, errors and omissions, delay, damage and mechanics lien actions, negotiation of all aspects of construction transaction, Texas Residential Construction Commission, and litigation, arbitration and/or mediation of all disputes.

Let Levin & Atwood’s attorneys assist you with your construction law needs:

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